Everything You Need To Know About House Painting With a Sprayer

What Are The Benefits Over Regular Painting?

So, why choose using a house painting sprayer over a traditional brush job?

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What Are The Benefits Over Regular Painting?

Super Speedy

The coverage and speed you get with a paint sprayer mean that you can get your job done in no time at all. Whether you’re painting the inside or the outside of your Gloversville home, using a sprayer means less time spent on the work and more time enjoying the new paint job. 

Smoother, Even Coat

A house painting sprayer emits paint evenly and at a steady speed, meaning that your coat is always even. In doing this you avoid the heavy textures that can sometimes come with paint jobs when too much paint has been added to the brush. 


The speed house painting with a sprayer means that you’re also spending less money on the job. Your contractor will be able to do the job in half the time, meaning you’re not paying for as much time. Also, a new coat of paint is a sure-fire way to quickly increase your Broadalbin home’s value. 

Easy To Reach

Painting with a brush means navigating around tricky corners and craning up to get to the highest parts of the room or the outside of your Mayfield home. With a paint sprayer, the distance the paint is sprayed means that those spots are easy to reach, and receive an even coat. 

What’s The Process?

Now that we’ve outlined the benefits of house painting with a sprayer, let’s take a look at how easy it is – the process is very similar to traditional house painting, so this can also be used if you’re opting for a brush this time around. 

Inspecting For Damage

Before any paint job, your contractor will inspect the areas you need painting for damage. Any structural issues or cracks will be flagged – it’s advisable to spend some time trying to rectify these before you start painting, as you want to be working with a smooth surface. Your contractor may also clean your walls, particularly if they’re working on the outside of your Fonda home. 

Preparing The Space

Then, it’s time to prepare the space. Make sure all of your furniture, fixtures, and carpets are covered with heavy sheets, to avoid any paint getting onto them. If there’s anything valuable in the room that can be moved to another one, that’s advisable. Make sure you cover any light switches, sockets, or heating panels with painting tape too, to make sure they don’t get marked by any paint that can be tricky to get off later on. 


Next, it’s time to paint! Your contractor will be well-equipped for safety here with a mask and goggles and will use the house painting sprayer to methodically and carefully give your walls a new coat. If you’re working with an experienced contractor in your Amsterdam home this should take no time at all – which is why we always recommend hiring a house painter instead of doing it yourself, as that can take a huge amount more time as well as missing out on the expertise a house painter brings to the work. 

Clear Up

Once it’s done and the paint is dry, the contractor will inspect their work. If you’re both happy, then the paint job is good to go! All that’s left to do now is to remove any tape from fittings and clear and tidy your space. Your contractor can likely help with this – and then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the new burst of colour the job has brought to your home!


To learn more about the process of house painting with a sprayer, contact our team at 518 Renovations. Our industry-leading experts can help with any house painting you need, leaving your home looking like a brand new space. Get in touch now!

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So, as we can see here, house painting with a sprayer is quick, easy, and cheaper than traditional painting with a brush. Once you’ve seen the benefits to your home and your wallet, why would you do it any other way again?